My 2020 Vision

As some of us Canadians have heard our pastor talking about his 2020 vision, I, also have a burden for Calgary and I have developed my own 2020 vision.

By 2020, I believe I can have 20 girlfriends within 10 minutes of me wherever I happen to be in Calgary or the surrounding communities/towns. Of course I can not do this on my own, so, I will be needing your help(if you are a girl within my age group in the Calgary and area region). If you would be willing to help me with my vision, and you are a girl, PLEASE COMMENT!!

Thank you all for your consideration,
Yours Truly,
Birdie W.


Chels:) said...

all i have to say have quite the imagination HA HA HA!!!

Birdie Wooster said...

well .. Why not??

Friedrich Engles said...

imagintaion is the start of success.
and yes, if you dont have an imagination you FAIL !
go birdie !

Birdie Wooster said...

yes..I'm thinking about starting something the same but internationally rather then locally.

aLLi said...

I dont think ill help you with your vision...but nice try!:D

Birdie Wooster said... wish alli!

crittle said...

you are sooo..weird nic:} lol

Birdie Wooster said...

why thank you.. But it might work..