me on a log by some water and grass looking at some mountains across the water and smelling a fire from someones firepit while getting my picture....

...taken by a moose(it didnt fit in the title)


so it was way past time for an update.. so I decided to once again to strain my brain to come up with a post that would inspire and encourage and inflate you all! don't mind the inflate part, but anywys I couldn't telly think of anything flammable that sounded good! so I decided to make random post with words that makes as much scents(I know it's a spelt like that) as eating blueberry flavoured pickles while watching Saturday morning reruns on the telly! which I've never done which is why it doesn't make sence! instead of inspiring and all that other junk I chose in the stead to tell you one reason I made my blog! but you'll have to keep reading cause I wanna tell you about a bat that woke me up last year first.. so here's how it goes... last year, sometime, my bro ( I have 4)not saying which one for lawsuits sake) tol me to help him catch a bat as I was readying myself to sleep! he tol me there was a bat by our bathroom that was in a towel and I need to come catch it! I however did not believe this unnamed individual because it sounded as ridiculous as this post does! so anyways I brushed him off an went to sleep:) however it was the worst choice I made in that single minute, because there really was a bat! but I didn't know it yet..anyways I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, however was awakened in the wee hours of the morning because of a flapping I was hearing! i completely forgot about the bat and was in confusion what I wa hearing so I switched on my lamp and saw the small black bat swooping at me as I ducked down into my bed! I was very annoyed and not in the slightest bit scared( idk why! I should have been ...bats are poisones(sp?)which I later found out from my brother the living dictionary!) so being very annoyed I let the bat have my room that night and picked up my blanket and went and fell back to sleep on a couch:).. if you wanna know all the details ask me later! there's only to many to type! as I was saying before if you are still Reading this... one of the reasons I made my blog..... is to... apologize for never posting enough!
I hope you enjoid!
ps..... skip all my typing errors! I didn't edit it:)


so people are wanting a new 'tis