First day of biking this year:)


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This is my post:)

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Later this evening I will be heading to my cabin by the sea in... Umm .. Parksville I believe it is. Well I will miss you all very much, (sniff sniff) I really will. So please, don't hate me. I am only a poor boy who was forced to go to his weekend beach cottage. Please pray that I can come back before Wednesday. Anyways I really think that when your chewing excel gum you need to chomp a little bit harder to get the full burst of flavour. With trident however, you really dont bed to chomp much at all. Juicy fruit is another story. Thats why I never wear brown shoes on thursdays. Because on most thurdays most people lose just a fraction of theie vision and go slightly colour blind. I know this because of the studies i carrued our with professor David Shlimenjaz. Professor Shlimenjaz's job is really just professing things. Which is why we call him a professor. Quite amusing eh? Also I found a great website that has influenced me greatly. everyone wants to have POSITIVE CASH FLOW!, you can have that by doing what it says on the website. Because time is money, dont waste it, go check out the website. Now! Stop reading this. Your wasting your money. Go NOW! Okay now.. If your still reading this you dont know how to obey instructions. Thats not good you know. Tell me your name so that i can mark you down on my list. Tell me, quit trying to pretend your not reading this. Tell me your name, dont lie! Do it Now! Okay my rant is over, remember, positive cash flow. Power team ftw baby! :P


Rich Dad.